• Biogas Energy Transformation

    We have on staff one of the best and very experienced biogas experts in Asia Pacific. Our customized biogas generation technology is one of the best high-loading AD system on the market with very reliable and high COD or TS conversion rates. We also have our own H2S scrubbing system. This along with our AD biogas system is all captured in our proprietary biogas control system. Read More
  • Gas Processing & Vapour Recovery

    We offer standardized, skid mounted natural gas processing modules with over 40 years of proven performance and over 1,250 installations worldwide in the field in real life, commercial applications. We have two basic, fully engineered systems offering flexibility with the highest recovery rates at the lowest capital and operating cost. Our standard system options allow you to customize your recovery system at a fraction of the cost of custom fabricated plants. Read More
  • Waste Water Solution

    The core foundation of EcoNova’s intelligent water solutions consists of the company’s two proprietary and technologically advanced separation systems; the EcoSeparatorTM and EcoReactorTM. These robust, automated, and weatherized systems are built on modular enclosed skids providing mobile units capable of handling a diverse array of water related challenges. Depending on the needs and the situation the systems can be used individually or combined together into a four skid EcoCompleteTM system. In addition, the systems have been designed with the flexibility to be easily integrated into more complex multi-component systems using off-the-shelf supporting equipment. Read More
  • Analytics & Prognostics

    We are the sole authorized distributor of the Sequoia IT line of vibration analyzers. Our products use advanced MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) sensors (or accelerometers) and integrated circuitry to accurately, repeatedly and efficiently collect, process and present vibration information of the monitored equipment or device. Our vibration analyzers are used worldwide and in various applications including engine driven generator sets, wind turbines, precision machining, rail, automotive, pumps, compressor, civil structures and many more. Read More
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OSA is in the business of providing reliable, efficient, engineered and cost effective solutions to our customers. We, along with our global partners and teams, achieve this by using proven, world-class technologies with superior integrated designs and services. We are selective in the in jobs we do and under certain circumstances can also provide financial solutions.

Our business is split into three major segments. Our core interest and background lies in energy transformation and energy efficiency improvement businesses with strength in (1) biogas/biomass to power, waste-to-energy transformation, (2) energy recovery and energy efficiency enhancement along with uptime enhancement or reduced downtime through the use of (3) smart sensors and prognostics or predicative analytics.

  • Energy Efficiency Enhancement
  • Downstream
  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)
  • High Efficiency (Super) Heat Exchangers (SHX)
  • Heat Recovery Absorption Chilling (HRAC)

We along with our partners are keen to provide turnkey EPC solutions. In some cases, we can even consider revenue/production sharing through BOT, BOOT or BOO schemes. Under certain circumstances we can also provide design and equipment only if we deem that the project technical risk is well under control.

We have global technology and finance partners, but we focus on solving local or regional issues supporting our clients at home.