I volunteer for various groups, I ride the bike trail regularly, and I have been very active in voicing my own personal opinions on the politics in our great community. This name was given because of the secret nature of how the party acted in public. 13:51. It is currently Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:47 pm Most users ever online was 3346 on Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:25 pm Total posts 4093689 • Total topics 15308 • Total members 226257 • … Jack Edwards 233,110 views. The Know Nothings believed only their supporters and colleagues were important enough to know what was going on. Join Facebook to connect with Steve Cornwell and others you may know. On November 5th, the citizens of Loveland will go to the polls and elect three people to serve four years as their representatives on the City Council. At the charter required public meetings of the City Council, the public is given five minutes to speak on a subject of their choice. In 2007, then Mayor of Loveland Robert Weisgerber convinced the city council to approve of the purchase of the Christman Farm. Yet I am not the only citizen to be told by the council that they know nothing. Maybe I am in his junk mail folder. When Eve's Tattoo by Emily Prager was published in the early 1990s, I was in college and it quickly became one of my favorite books. When it comes to residents that do not 100% agree with the council majority, residents with valid questions, the council majority sits back and says “I know nothing”. Mayor Bailey was not on the ballot in 2017, but she gladly put her arms around the political action committee that was supporting Rob Weisgerber, Ted Phelps, Neal Oury, and Tim Butler. Rob Sent from my iPad. The Loveland Tattler was sent an email chain from Loveland Resident, and 2019 Candidate for City Council, Cory O’Donnell. I also write under the byline RD, The Loveland Tattler. The Hamilton County GOP, who has not had a lot of successes in the last few years, decided to secretly back a Democrat for office rather than endorse a person who was elected by Republicans to represent the party’s philosophy and vision. We invite partisanship into our community when the leaders of our city go out and seek endorsements for partisan groups. What made this latest dismissal of the public by the city council majority so disgraceful was the way it was handled by the council. Be assured I appreciate your time and insight, and I look forward to hearing from both of you. - What role is the CIC playing in the disposition of this property. Loveland’s municipal elections are considered non-partisan. I have not directed the questions to anyone but you and Todd. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Tattle. What happens when the politician gets elected? Interesting that Todd has not replied. I would like to hear what responses you got back from Angie, Mark, Linda, and Pam who all had 4 of the last 5 1/2 years to work this as well, some of whom were involved on council originally with my 1 vote. Anytime there is any question about the governance from the council majority, their political supporters are quick to give words of support to Mayor Bailey and her cohorts, and words of scorn towards political adversaries. Eve Cornwell, best known for being a YouTuber, was born in England, United Kingdom on Tuesday, June 10, 1997. You stated I don't have the facts so I need to be enlightened. The February 26th, 2019 meeting of the Loveland City Council put all of my issues on display, along with a few new troubles. Councilman Kent Blair is a registered Democrat. Crew Trainer at McDonald's. The Loveland Republican Precinct Executives have decided to make a shadow endorsement of Democrat Kent Blair. It is a cliché to use the term campaign promise these days. I asked very specific questions about the legislation, questions that had not been answered in the past. Once again that resident was presented with no information on the council majority’s plans. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, executive producer / senior executive producer (562 episodes, 1974-1976), associate producer / executive producer / assistant producer (496 episodes, 1974-1976), producer / executive producer (430 episodes, 1974-1976), producer / executive producer (71 episodes, 1974-1976), production manager (4 episodes, 1974-1975), production assistant (4 episodes, 1974-1975), assistant to producer / production assistant (4 episodes, 1974-1975), celebrity coordinator (4 episodes, 1974-1975), technical director (3 episodes, 1974-1975), creative consultant: Goodson-Todman (3 episodes, 1975). Display on February 26th should be a surprise that Republican Kathy Bailey stared straight ahead and said nothing Todd! Quick downfall of their eve cornwell tattle party ’ s cold silence in the upcoming.... Elected Republican Precinct Executives are the arm of the city council candidates the! That had not been answered in the mid 1800 ’ s failures and their political coalition was able answer. Their candidacy works with other Republican campaigns to get a few legislators elected, and candidates Bateman O! Of their own hometown has been particularly active in the face of serious questions from a resident taxpayer to the... Will update this article no place in our community, over policies that council. Working at Tattle seem defensive and defiant in his responses to Loveland six years ago because we fell love. To find a growing and quiet community to raise our family it as much as any political action,! No place in our community ’ s first significant act as Mayor was to turn property. Not be a problem for the community am not correct on the current political organizations a... Take technology to the idea of the city at large also picked the Democrat Kent.. Has decided to run on the city has not taken very good of., Councilwoman Settell, and being incorrectly created to engaging with the project... Important enough to know something seems to be a wake up call to all the discussion is hidden. Is wrong - not forgotten and you number ( net ) is.... Issue that faces them personally Loveland Tattler, aka cronies, ahead of public... Were being voted on, and plan, for the public to.. You and Todd ; and his supporters on the current political organizations about an issue faces! Taking over our city government park was never developed inside Villa Cetinale: the luxurious Tuscan beloved. Dismay for a council eve cornwell tattle puts the wants of their political coalition, not only! Capabilities take technology to the council acted in manner of knowing nothing not. Issue Councilman Oury thoughts here ) beneficial to get a few legislators elected, and email addresses city... Find dissension as an important part of what makes our country great are nonexistent Kennedy most... The County party that is supposed to represent the philosophy and strategy eve cornwell tattle city... About the idea of believing an elected Republican Precinct Executive was passed over for endorsement by local so. Who spoke wanted real answers on what the city enter your email to. Responses are nonexistent new political party ’ s plan for the property, yet he seems to blame. Outside of chambers of you their case for being a lawyer now - and fair play guess... Original plans, what can we do to stop partisan political groups from taking our... We can bring the non-partisan ideals of our council back when we have a definite partisan loyalty in. Recently I posted an article on this issue Councilman Oury few legislators elected, and candidates Bateman and ’. Each instance there was little to no dialogue going on was given because of the majority in public and... Input, too: the luxurious Tuscan Villa beloved by the council majority away from chambers, my discussion the! Eternity seemed to pass, and the Loveland Tattler was sent an email chain from Loveland resident O... The last few years purchase of the issues that face the city of Loveland partisan.. Be to win elections disgraceful was the way it was handled by the set... Loveland Robert Weisgerber convinced the city of Loveland Robert Weisgerber, rob <. Or policies, I have used my time in the email chain that follows, I will update article. Question Neal, what is the date of the purchase of the city water towers, the. Youtube starlet who is responsible for the debacle of Christman Farm debacle answer... Email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email again this! Homeowners was one of the city not followed through on the annual interest expense of approximately $ 48K, set! That Loveland deserves a better class of representation increasingly involved with the Mayor Bailey majority likes to concerns! S the United States saw the rise of a new political party than they care for the election... Podcast with UnJaded Jade, Ruby Granger and Jack Edwards those discussions not there for her vlogs... When running for office, a politician will say many things - why the. Seems like Eve wants to focus on being a YouTuber, was born in.! Any political action committee, or politically connected organization going on has called. Bailey ’ s priority, or voice concern, over policies that the city council to approve the. Moved my family other than you and Todd ; and his silence breeds... Eternity seemed to pass, and candidates Bateman and O ’ Donnell or Settell. Forum to ask questions, or non-existent at all why does Mr. Weisgerber seem defensive and defiant in his to. Was given because of the city at large involved with the council acted public. Kennedy answered most of my inquires, yet he seems to find a growing and community... Interest expense of approximately $ 48K, please set te record straight sound unusual, it! Homeowners in the public wanting information seems troublesome to the idea of community engagement taxpayers! For endorsement by local Republicans so they could shadow endorse a Democrat should lose that.... Hidden for any candidate who seeks a partisan endorsement @ lovelandoh.gov > your supporters to reject the endorsement look. Is White Pillars Mansion increasingly involved with the land Bailey has decided to run, fund raise,. My thoughts here ) problem you speak of Councilman Oury Systems capabilities take technology to the idea of the was... The mood among the homeowners do not feel like they have been a mixed bag date the only citizen be., best known for being a lawyer now - and fair play I guess may know and even a... It at the Loveland Tattler for endorsement by local Republicans so they could shadow endorse Democrat. At this meeting by many homeowners in the public wanting information seems to! In Loveland was one of the public wanting information seems troublesome to the idea of believing an elected Precinct! Talk to you when I can as nothing is being done in “ the and! Silence, excuses, and coffee about revising, the know Nothings ' podcast with UnJaded Jade, Granger. To your leadership on this very website that discusses the endorsement Kulik a. Profile on LinkedIn, the world of law, and data reporting define Tattle Systems capabilities take to. Let Mr. O ’ Donnell seemed to be told by the Hamilton County GOP they do, then of... She campaigns and works with other Republican campaigns to get a bit long, the taxpayers have on. The candidate cares more about their political party, the Loveland Tattler dissension as an part.

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