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Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system is often used in the natural gas processing industry to provide the required chilling in condensing heavy hydrocarbons form rich gas. The PETROGAS Refrigeration system is skid mounted and designed to condense natural gas liquids at temperatures as low as -40°C by using common commercial refrigerants. The minimum operating pressure is typically 10 bar.

How does refrigeration system work?

Gas/vapor stream on its way to the chiller is pre-cooled in the interchanger by the cold outlet gas. Atomized methanol is injected into the gas/vapor stream to prevent the formation of ice. In the chiller, the temperature of gas/vapor stream is reduced to condense natural gas vapors by indirect contact with a refrigerant. Then the gas and condensed vapors goes to a separator. Condensed vapors gather in the bottom and residual gas is vented out from the top of separator to the interchanger before leaving the process. From the bottom of the separator, the liquid goes to a stabilizer column where mostly ethane is separated from the heavier hydrocarbons.