Gas Processing & Vapor RecoveryCleaner and More Revenue

Application Notes

Associated gas contains methane, ethane, propane and more importantly other heavier hydrocarbons such as butane, pentanes, hexanes, heptanes and etc. Heavier hydrocarbons available in the gas can be separated and the mixture can be sold in the market at a good price. Further separation and resultant completed products will lead to even more potential profits. The liquid condensates typically are more valuable than the lighter ones. In US, the natural gas exploration companies are more interested to drill for heavier hydrocarbon than the lighter ones.

There are different methods available for this separation such as dew point control, absorption, adsorption, membranes and etc. After the separation process, the mixture of methane and ethane can be used for standard gas application like power generation, domestic and industrial heating, LNG and etc. The separated liquids can be used as raw material for refineries, feed stock for chemical process plants, or even as a fuel for boilers and gas turbines. If the propane and butanes are further separated, than they can be packaged (or bottled) and sold to the LPG market as well. Propane and butanes have a very good value worldwide.

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