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Transforming to Power

Fundamental to the financial feasibility of any project is uptime. More uptime (run time) means more revenue or savings. The Impact of climate and seasonality, feedstock consistency and conditions, and ease of operation and maintenance have significant impacts on uptime and cannot be overstated.

One of the key to project success and high uptime is careful and professional project management from the start to the end of the project life. Key stakeholders must have vested interest to see the project through from end to end. The project manager must have sufficient management skills to ensure that the technology is working and that the commercial and financial aspects of the project are also executed in a timely and contractual fashion. Unsurprisingly, projects seldom fail due to technology. Projects fails even with the best technologies, if proper project planning, execution and management are not in place.

Lastly, it is very critical to ensure the equipment suppliers and their service teams are engaged in the routine maintenance and protection of the operational assets. Proper preventative maintenance by certified technicians and service engineers are extremely critical to project success. Using third party service teams maybe have significant negative impact on product warranty and performance guarantee leading to unwanted downtime and loss of revenue.

North Asia

The typical environmental conditions in North Asia of low ambient temperatures during the winter months mandate the use of engine waste heat recovery systems to maintain the operational health of the anaerobic digesters. By recovering the waste heat in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration, total system efficiencies can achieve over 80%. Net gas power efficiency (NGPE) can be as high as 2.2 kW-h/Nm3 of biogas production. The high efficiency and reliable conversion of biogas energy to power and heat combined with favorable feed-in-tariff (FiT) or subsidies make project financial payback extremely quick.

Southeast Asia

Biogas projects are situated in hot and humid Southeast Asia with daily average temperature as high as 35 to 38°C and 80 to 90% humidity, the gensets are custom designed to cope with elevated and high humidity conditions.