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Sequoia Product Details

OSA is the sole authorized distributor of the Sequoia IT line of vibration analyzers. We have four main product lines – FastTracer, SeTAC, GEA and USB Balancer. All four products use advanced MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) sensors (or accelerometers) and integrated circuitry to accurately, repeatedly and efficiently collect, process and present vibration information of the monitored equipment or device. Our vibration analyzers are used worldwide and in various applications including engine driven generator sets, wind turbines, precision machining, rail, automotive, pumps, compressor, civil structures and many more.


The FastTracer is a high resolution diagnostic tool that can be used for quick and easy determination of vibration events on almost any device. The FastTracer is an integrated MEMS sensor with USB connectivity. The digital data is communicated with the PC and various vibration analyses (time base, FFT frequency based, modules, velocity RMS, etc.) can be performed with the FTAnalyzer software. The FastTracer also comes with the Esplora3D database software that allows the user to customize the use of the FastTracer as a routine vibration inspection tool for various machines or equipment in the plant. The FastTracer solution is unmatched in the industry and provides exceptional cost savings, flexibility, adaptability and expandability. It is your vibration diagnostic tool of choice.


The SeTAC is our industry and field proven stand-alone, continuous monitoring device. It also uses MEMS accelerometers and advanced circuitry, but it also has built-in onboard microprocessor and memory storage. The SeTAC is a complete vibration monitoring device. It senses vibration, processes the vibration based on customized preset alarm values, stores the alarm events and provides up to three direct digital alarm outputs with a response as fast as 0.1 ms. It is a complete solution and does not require any interface cards, computers or fancy external support hardware. It can be direct mounted on your machines or equipment and can communicate direct with your PLC or DCS. The SeTAC is widely used on precision metal cutting machines for detection of vibration and collision and for monitoring of wear. We also have a special version for wind turbine protection application called the SeTAC W2T.

The SeTAC W2T has a special casing to protect it from high voltage shocks like lightning. It is ideal for increasing the life-time of the wind turbine, reducing the maintenance costs and increasing productivity by reducing downtime of the wind turbine.


GEA is our new continuous monitoring product. The GEA is designed specifically for geological, civil or structural applications. It is very similar to the SeTAC, but with much higher sensitivity and resolution. It is designed to monitor earthquakes and events with very low frequencies and amplitudes. It can be customized to provide reports that meet international normative or reporting standards. The GEA is great for monitoring buildings, bridges, elevated roadways, overpasses and other civil structures. It can also be used to monitor the vibration levels in highly vibration sensitive process equipments like OHTs, reticle stockers, photo masking machines and AIOs. If you need to continuously monitor low amplitude and low frequency events, then the GEA is your best choice.

USB Balancer

The USB Balancer is a handy, cost-effective and high precision device for balancing the rotating elements like impellers, shaft, bearing, etc. It operates via a simple USB port connection to PC. The software provided is very simple and user-friendly which allows even an inexperienced user to handle. The balancing of the USB Balancer device can be performed directly on-board the machine due to the use of practical magnetic which ensures fast and safe installation. This is also to avoid complicated operations to shut down the machinery. The USB Balancer is not just suitable for rotating elements, it is also ideal for static balancing of spindles and electro-spindles which often require frequently checking and re-balancing. It is also able to sustain in most difficult industrial environments as it comes with the protection rating of IP 67, high shock resistance of up to 10,000 g and digital communication for a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference thus, it is a perfect device for on-site instrument.

Sequoia Product FAQ

  • What are the differences between SeTAC and FastTracer? +

    • SeTAC is a continuous monitoring device (24 hours mounting onto machine) while FastTracer is a hand tool for diagnostics.
    • SeTAC acts as alarm when vibration exceeded the limit while FastTracer is an in-depth analysis or troubleshooting device.
  • Can SeTAC and FastTracer operate under bad condition e.g. in the middle of the field or hot environment? +

    Yes, they are waterproof and able to withstand a temperature from 0 °C to 70 °C.
  • Is cable long enough for connecting to the PLC or monitor in the control room? +

    The standard cable length is 3 meters and optional up to 30 meters.
  • Is there any effect of transmitting the signal in real-time when using long cable? +

    No, there is no effect or interference at maximum cable length of 30 meters.
  • Is there any wireless available? +

    Yes, there is wifi available for FastTracer called “FastWi” but not available for SeTAC.
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