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Application Notes

Most of the large industrial plant today relies on specialized and expensive machines. Typically, these machines have rotating components like motors, pumps, fans, turbines, gear boxes, rollers, engines, compressors and many more. During normal operation of these components, they will generate certain vibration frequency according to their rotating speed. Once an abnormal vibration appears, it is a good indication of problems with the rotating elements.

Transportation systems, like transmission of electricity, gas and oil, are always present and play as important role as the production systems in this kind of industry therefore it cannot be ignored. For example, if the malfunction occurs in the pipe line of the transporting systems, it can cause deterioration which lead to poor quality services or production downtimes in the worst case. However, due to its inaccessibility and complexity of the system it is sometime difficult to discover malfunction without using any device.

There are many ways and devices of measuring and protecting the systems before their failures. One of the most obvious ways to do these is by monitoring of noise and vibration. This is because in an abnormal condition the operator can simply hear the noise and feel the vibration almost suddenly. Thus the device required for this job is the vibration analyser.

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