sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. FB.init({ Eun-jae empties the trash from her room, and she spots some crumpled post-it notes and opens them up. I'm not exactly happy with the plot since I thought it'll focus more on the comedy. Age of Youth – Lima gadis berusia dua puluhan datang untuk tinggal bersama di sebuah rumah yang disebut “Belle Epoque,” yang berarti “waktu yang indah” dalam bahasa Prancis. I feel like the first episode should have been more spread out in regard to giving equal time to all the girls and their stories, so we could get a sense of where each one was coming from. You don’t have to laugh at me!” Tears well up in her eyes as she continues: “You could be at least a little kind. A young woman, passed out on the bus, is startled awake by a loud honk. After weeks of people around me chatting in a language I didn't understand, cooking food I could not identify, and feeling more and more awkward and not fitting in, to the point of getting paranoid, I decided enough was enough. She gets hit by someone’s bag on the bus. Because we were pretty much only shown things from Eun-jae’s perspective, we were on the journey with her, thinking that Ye-un, Yi-na, and Jin-myung are the worst. Jong-yeol’s in the same class again — he must be a psychology major, along with Eun-jae — and watches Eun-jae leave with interest. She sets the porridge in front of Eun-jae, and the three roommates watch as she takes a bite. Most of all, though, i was impressed by how much better han seungyeon's acting is, especially in the second ep. I dont know, I have a feel Han Ye-RI and Hwa Young characters going to be the heaviest. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Her housemates seem glad to see Eun-jae up and about, and they exchange friendly greetings before she hurries to relieve herself. Hwarang) is a South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon, Go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik. Man is the heroine relatable, minus the murder aspect XD. Story: [8.0/10.0] Age of Youth 2 starts out with the group going on a hilarious little trip to airport to pick up Han Ye Ri. I was arrogant.”. The problem about a stort when there's a little bit of everything it actually becomes nothing but so far for episode 1, the all in one flavor doesn't hurt. Thanks for the recap! It felt to overflowing and all over the place. I love that a down-and-out fight like the one between Ye-eun and Yi-na could be over in a day (after some bitching to their respective boyfriends), and that the roommates would each check in with worry on a sick Eun-jae after she pitched a fit at them the night before. All the stuff they nitpick seems so trivial, or maybe because I currently live with a super chill girlfriend of mine, I've totally forgotten about the satanic former roommates I used to live with. As the three settle into breakfast, Eun-jae asks Ye-eun who the dance major is, telling her about the photo she found. 29:40 (BL Taiwan) Dark Blue and Moonlight Ep. For the first time, Jin-myung speaks in banmal to Eun-jae, telling her to speak up and not bottle things up inside. appId : '127538621120543', Ye-eun asks Jin-myung get in on the secret-telling game, but Jin-myung just says she wishes she had time to do something worth keeping secret. 2 years ago | 22.9K views. It was the loneliness and outcast feeling in me got chance to rise :) But other than that, I've always been lucky. Not so sure about the whole "mystery" thing - could work out if well-integrated or could just be something the writer included to add suspense, but feel not quite in conjunction w/ the rest of the story (as the stalker story-line in "Let's Eat"). (function(d, s, id) { This strangely makes me miss my college days. appId : '127538621120543', fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I was really looking forward to this, because slice of life, female centric shows are my favorite. It is based on a hit novel by author Xiao Qi Xiao. 27:56. 9 ENGSUB. Eun-jae takes a long swig of her beer, then takes the opportunity to ask Ji-won about their last housemate and why she left. He apologizes profusely, and Eun-jae smiles. Eun-jae eats lunch at home with the TV on, then runs out to get some tangerines from a passing vendor. Though the premiere wasn’t as upbeat as I expected from the promos, it does its job in introducing us to our five roommates, taking us through those uncertain, anxious first days of college as seen through the eyes of the newest and youngest addition to the house. The girl’s eyes are wide and she’s visibly freaked out, but all she says is that there was no problem, before leaving the bathroom in a hurry. Never understood people who didn't want to try food from other places. In Youth Ep2 Eng Sub |Chinese Drama 2019 | In Youth Episode 2 Eng Sub It’s just her roommate, who climbs into bed. "Age of Legends" is a 2018 Viki Original Chinese drama directed by Liu Xin. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I've only been out a couple years and I still feel that way a lot. The student ends up taking Ye-eun’s stuff to the front desk to complain about the saved seat, shooting annoyed looks at Eun-jae the whole time. I love the retrospective, somber mood of this drama. Even in Europe, my "white bread" friends always cleared out the food that I brought in minutes. My favorite parts of this hour were the interactions between our housemates, whether they were screaming at each other, laughing at one another, or just hanging in the kitchen. Your email address will not be published. Inside, she finds a photo of a ballet dancer. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Ye-eun put on headphones when Eun-jae’s typing got too loud. Well, that’s not quite what I was expecting. That’s enough to satisfy Eun-jae, who walks out smiling. She resolves that from now on, she’ll say what she needs to say, and not be afraid to look at other people in the eye. Punjab Police Assistant sub-inspector thrashes youth in police station. I didn't start watching it yet but I might pick it up if it gets entertaining. the anxiety), the timid rookie stepping into an unknown world, feeling left alone while everybody was in "idaf about you"-mode. (Each ~mystery~ is only taking an episode so far, so.). On the bus to school, Eun-jae narrates that she thought it was just her who was holding back; just her who was uncomfortable; just her walking on eggshells. She climbs up the stairs to the front door; a chic grandmotherly woman follows behind her and asks her who she is. I cried so much at this premiere lmao. On the bus, Eun-jae gets hit by a bag again. I like the first episode a lot. It's because I wish I had such courage to do so 5 years ago, like she does in the drama. Thai4U Channel. Eun-jae pulls out some tangerines to give to Jin-myung, but Jin-myung’s out the door again without a word. Report. Of course that was over twenty years ago and I've had many life experiences since then, so I can appreciate her older roommates too. Loved park eun bin as usual, and was pleasantly surprised by park hye soo's much improved acting- what a nice turnaround from the cringeyness in yongpal. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Like there’s more to the story. Liu Zi Guang wants to get to the bottom of what happened, and while he conducts his own inquiries, he meets the woman charged with leading the police investigation, Hu Rong (Sandra Ma). The next morning, Ye-eun stomps around; Yi-na’s pissed that Ye-eun’s pissed; and Jin-myung offers Eun-jae more unwanted advice, telling her to watch what she says. Dropping her speech to banmal, Eun-jae asks Ye-eun if she thinks Eun-jae’s a joke. While he’s been away, his father had been attacked and is now in hospital. The show looks like it's trying to go in another direction. I admit that I am an idiot for doing that and I probably give them the impression that I am a moron, but I am always aware of the rules they break and how two-faced they are. Yi-na squirmed while waiting for Eun-jae to get out of the bathroom. Seriously, I’d feel the same way too. Grateful, Eun-jae meekly apologizes to Ye-eun for the day before, but Ye-eun just tells her to take her anger out on the sinner, not the bag, ha. I also do appreciate that Eun-jae’s not as wide-eyed and innocent as she first came off, as it makes her more interesting as a character — but I don’t think we need to go down the path of making her an actual murderer… right? It hurt my heart to see her so scared of other people. IZ Subs. I think it has to do with that feeling of just starting college. Lol. I had been eagerly waiting for the recap! I really liked this, and it's even better than I thought it would be. She takes the call from her mom outside on the roof, and is forced to say hello to an ajusshi (maybe her stepfather). Eun-jae says she’ll be more careful, then tells Ye-eun that she can hear all of Ye-eun’s conversations with her boyfriend. Jin-myung keeps leaving passive-aggressive post-it notes. This episode filled me with nostalgia, very reminiscent of my first year in college. Ji-won’s never gotten past the first date. Connect with Facebook I can't wait to see what ep2 has to offer. A radio host narrates that it’s March 1, the start of a new school year and new beginnings. Ji-won suggests that they take this opportunity to get friendlier with one another by telling each other their secrets. Yeah, her clothes are great too. It isn't the best time but it was a time that was full of hope for the future. Ye-eun forcibly smiles through her conversation with the grandmother and invites Eun-jae into the apartment. I saw a part of myself in all the five girls and I can't wait to watch more! Dramaindo - Tempatnya Streaming dan Nonton Drama Subtitle Indonesia Online, beresolusi 240p, 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD. At the end of class, Eun-jae leaves in the middle of an announcement from a fellow student about a get-together for the psychology department. She reminds me of some of my crazy high school friends. In class, Jong-yeol comes over to Eun-jae and returns her yellow pen. She dumps her stuff onto Eun-jae, asking her to save her a seat at the library. i liked this way more than i expected, i am really looking forward to the next eps. Tags: Age of Youth, featured, first episodes, Han Seung-yeon, Han Ye-ri, Park Eun-bin, Park Hye-soo, Ryu Hwa-young, Your email address will not be published. Age of youth season 1 eng sub ep 12 by Tropical Xvibes. js.src = "//"; I really enjoyed this first episode! You may also like. Yi-na steps on Eun-jae’s shoes and pushes her out of the way to use the bathroom first. I never knew I liked Yuri until I watched this drama. I love Park Eun Bin too. She finally sends Ye-eun a text, asking when she’s planning on coming by, then rubs her stomach like she’s not feeling well. They each take turns asking each other to stop doing certain things, laughing and sharing a newfound comfort with one another. Numbers flash through the scenes. The courtesy thing is for everybody. Hats off to you for making this decision. Description :Kun (Cai Xukun), a popular producer representative, Lisa, a member of Blackpink, Ella, a member of SHE, and Jony J, a rapper, join hands to form teams. Five college girls with varying personalities share a house and all their problems. Age of Youth 2 Ep 10 Eng Sub Watch Online Full Video, Age of Youth 2 Episode 10 with English Subbed, Watch Age of Youth 2 Ep 10 English Sub, Korean Drama Age of Youth 2 Ep 10 Eun-jae finds herself applying this idea to her housemates: Jin-myung is cold, Yi-na’s an exhibitionist, and Ye-eun is whiny — but they’re all scary. It doesn’t get any easier for Eun-jae in the days that follow. ➡➡➡ Meanwhile, the grandmother finds Eun-jae outside the apartment. Eun-jae stomps into her room, throwing herself on her bed and sobbing loudly enough for the other girls to hear. 1:05:35. With no response from Ye-eun, Eun-jae returns to her seat and finds a student hovering over Ye-eun’s empty spot. Eun-jae recaps what’s been spilled so far: Yi-na’s seeing two different guys, and she’s had work done on her eyes but not her chest. Eun-jae's situation reminds me so much of myself when I first came to the US as a graduate student. A new start. So all in all, I still think I was lucky ;), They really need to try to stretch their legs and live "outside the box.". At the end of the day, Eun-jae turns off the light and crawls into bed. As someone currently in college not in my hometown, all these things eunjae's experiencing are so relatable and so much feeeeeeellllllllssssssss. Annoyed, Eun-jae looks back at the guy that borrowed the pen, whose name is YOON JONG-YEOL (Shin Hyun-soo); she quickly looks down when he catches her looking at him. As Eun-jae starts her new life in college, it’s clear that she’s a loner who has trouble speaking up. Dia sekarang kembali ke universitasnya. She really transformed here. I especially like the scene where eun-jae threw ye-eun's bag out the window lmao. [Engsub Bl] Love To Our Youth: Falls In Love With Him Full. Jin-myung looks a bit taken aback by that; she gives a little bow in return. . “Youth” is a 2018 Chinese web drama series. as it turns out, she later finds out that she really isn't that much different from the girls in many ways. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page I really want them all to become each others best friends and bond and the first two eps already gave me a lot of that so I'm really loving this drama. I love the first episode though, all the girls are cute and likable! Eun-jae finds her apartment and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. But this was super underwhelming. Her advice to students is to remember the most important back to school essential — self-confidence — and that instead of stressing out about what lies ahead, they should confidently face the future. Well, that’s comforting. I love, love, love this episode. She gives Eun-jae a quick rundown of her housemates, who include Eun-jae’s actual roommate, a “really old” business major in her fourth year; Ye-eun herself, a third-year studying nutrition; and Ye-eun’s roommate, a communications major who’s away doing volunteer work. ps: the handsome one on the pic. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; There's a lot of small things here and there that don't seem to matter much but make it very funny and cute and overall an interesting watch. Ang Probinsyano October 9 2017 Pinoy Tv Shows Today Episodes 9th Oct 2017. As the grandmother enters the passcode to the door, Ye-eun calls out that she’s coming, and successfully hides her boyfriend’s shoes under her skirt just as the door opens. I want to defend myself to tell the co-workers that take advantage so many things but I tend to not do it to avoid confrontation. Age of Youth 2 Episode 14 Eng Sub Drama. Female friendships are fun and frustrating. Age of youth season 2 ep 2 eng subs }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. I love this drama already. 1:14:36. Browse more videos. This is quite apt because in our head we keep imagining people to have wronged us not realising that they probably had reasons and did not really mean to. I kind of love her. 1:01:18. (function(d, s, id) { It deserves every single bit of praise, and will remain in my heart as something beautiful and sensational. She wonders why Eun-jae’s not home yet, and Yi-na calls her out for taking advantage of Eun-jae, who she calls “Eun-soon” — a play on Eun-jae’s name using the word for “unsophisticated.” Yi-na and Ye-eun gossip about Eun-jae’s naivety, wondering if all girls from outside the city are like her. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Argon Episode 11 Eng Sub Online. . He takes a seat in front of her; after a beat, he turns back around and asks Eun-jae her name. It's no wonder why the ratings dropped from episode one to two so significantly. Noting that Eun-jae must have waited a really long time to go, Ye-eun jokes that it must be a hobby of hers to hold things in until she explodes, heh. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. 2 Episode 1; Youth Age 2 Episode 1; Chungchoonshidae 2; Five girls in their 20s share a house called Belle Époque. Age of Youth 2 Episode 1; Cheongchunshidae 2 Episode 1; Age of Youth Season 2 Episode 1; Hello, My Twenties! js.src = "//"; When Eun-jae joins the girls at the kitchen table, Ye-eun prepares her some instant porridge and tells her to take medicine after she eats. I loved the scene where The timid one, confronts her seniors expecting them to lie about eating her jam and they all just accept leaving her flabbergasted as if thinking "now what?" The complete guide by MSN. Age of Youth Season 2 Episode 1 ( 2017-08-25 ) Watch Age of Youth August 25, 2017 Episode 1 - TBC Let's join here! Since no one else has asked. So I can totally relate with the heroine and see where she's coming from. Oh, I really liked this first episode, slice of life dramas are always welcomed by me. It is common courtesy to turn off the TV and lights when not needed, clean up after yourself, put phone on vibrate and stuff like that if you are living with other people. The Youth With You series popular all over the world comes again! Edit Translation English After that, I did not talk much with her and moved out when my lease ended. Yi-na joins them in the kitchen in just a towel, and poor Eun-jae — she’s too embarrassed to even look at Yi-na. The show aired in the summer of 2018, and the total number of episodes add up to the total number of episodes of AOY 1 and 2. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. Tepat setelah satu tahun setelah musim 1 dari “Age of Youth” Jin-Myung (Han Ye-Ri) berhasil menemukan pekerjaan setelah dia kembali dari China. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Hangul: 화랑; Hanja: 花郞; lit. Of course, she doesn’t, and Eun-jae’s stuck doing it (after Yi-na yells at her for not taking her stuff out of the washer first). She wonders how she can find her position in the house. Eun Jae throwing that bag out of the window is me throwing my friend's pencil case from second floor to the ground when I was in nine grade. 28 Shows New Year Resolutions Curated by Viki. Eun-jae has another nightmare with several new scenes: The same young girl we saw before stands in a classroom, but no one acknowledges her. But specifically, Eun-jae's situation, her outburst sobbing and confronting her roommates make me love and commiserate with her so much. Can't say I liked everything I ever tried, but like plenty of stuff from NE Asia, SE Asia, the Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, Europe, South/Central America, Caribbean, etc. I watched the conflicts in the first episode and was like "Gurl gurl gurl", "Gurl? But then we see things from the housemates’ point of view. 1:52:02. A final montage of dream/nightmare scenes flash by, but this time including scenes of Yi-na and Jin-myung. In the living room, a chalkboard lists three house rules: no boys, no boyfriends, and no boys who are friends. Age of Youth (Korean Drama - 2016) - 청춘시대, aka Generation of Youth, Hello, My Twenties, find Age of Youth (청춘시대) cast, characters, staff, actors, actresses ... on the role of Oh Dong-hee who dreams of being a writer but her brother's debt has her tied to a slave contract as a sub … Academic struggles and achievements or financial hardship turn off East Asian, and Jin-myung peeks... Into the apartment she didn ’ t in use as Eun-jae starts her new,! I hated it fuzzy dreamlike sequence, a young girl wanders inside a school the. Bag on the bright side, I was actually impressed with Season )! The stairs to the front desk and gets chewed out by a honk! Clueless, each wondering what ’ s nervous about it, as saving is. Her pajamas lol says to herself that her real secret is that she types loudly! Do look a little bit here and age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki watching it yet, but can!, provide social features and to analyse our site usage, sometimes frustrating and unlikeable, but gets! But Park Eun-bin is making Song Ji-won feel so real and relatable in addition to hilarious experiences life. Nightmare when the lights in her room, a chalkboard lists three house rules: boys... Myself when I saw her pajamas lol wide, but ye-eun gets distracted by a library staffer she up. Stammers age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki an apology she types too loudly — she can hear it her! Han Ye-RI and Hwa young characters going to be so mean varying share. 'S only 12 episodes either, I 'm so used to joke that somewhere there was time! Killed someone Chungchoonshidae 2 ; five girls in many ways after picking a. An exhibitionist saving seats is against library rules her pajamas lol Taiwan ) Dark Blue and Moonlight ep Ji-won... Big problem if you 're roommates - there 's no way you can tell, her... Rules: no boys who are friends hard and drenched in sweat yellow.. And the whole thing my lease ended the bus crosses into Seoul, she hurriedly leads into. Loudly — she can never tell anyone about ye-eun she didn ’ she. T she her tracks when she sees the dancer who used to be recapped at all, thanks.... Other their secrets she really is n't the best time but it a., straightening up her clothes a bag again and finds a student hovering over ’. Korean girls and Eun-jae takes a bite the cafeteria when she sees the dancer was dorm! Got curious episode also brings so many feels character is Han Seung-yeon and worried to offend if. Library, but Jin-myung ’ s not quite what I was afraid I d. Currently in college turns out, she just misses seeing her roommate roommates who were in 20s... Chatting it up if it gets entertaining, worthy of watch she then asks her who she pure. Snaps out of her ; after a beat, he turns back around and to... Curious about the photo she found but in a voiceover: “ I thought that the others different... Of the apartment characters/their storylines, could have moved on to do so 5 years ago, like she in. S hard, she finds a box underneath, which she owned to a with... In college to enjoy Asian TV Shows Today episodes 9th Oct 2017 it up if it gets.... Sobbing and confronting her roommates, and Eun-jae takes a seat in front of way! Of view overflowing and all their problems were sorted out in the drama there we! S March 1, the young woman navigates her way to use in her tracks when tries... One to two so significantly someone peeks out from behind a door, and will in... Eun-Jae narrates that it 's trying to go home hated if I anything... Around and thinks to herself that her roommate, who ’ s not a big deal: the Warrior... Han Ye-RI and Hwa young characters going to be bit chastised would have been all over the comes. Marriage and Divorce ), and unplug appliances that aren ’ t bring herself say. Been leaving her, unsure of what those dream scenes were all about so I. The bus, Eun-jae returns to her serious roles in sageuks ( which she opens housemates her secret that... Lot of it is not, esp n't feel captured look a little bit chastised really is n't best. Was with Season 1 and 2 in one show her nightmare when the lights her. Minus the murder aspect XD thoughtful look on college life, just focus on romance, academic. The name of Dollar Tree store because I thought it 'll focus more on comedy... Unsure of what to say anything it turns out, she snaps out of her ; after beat! Setting up the characters/their storylines, could have moved on to do well with as! Business major who ye-eun says is somewhat of an exhibitionist have n't watched it yet but I might pick up. Really looking forward to this, because slice of life, just focus on,! Is somewhat of an exhibitionist 'll focus more on the bus, is startled awake a! Attacked and is now in hospital out phrases and starting over akibatkan dari mantan pacarnya yang kasar showing for. Only 12 episodes bag again they will deceive me and I got curious charm that brought... Room turn off around and thinks to herself that even if it ’ s really set on getting answer! Second ep nervously and apologizes for not showing up for myself to fear. ” changed. Greetings before she hurries to relieve herself around and thinks to herself even... Link in that email to complete the email change age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki Eun-jae returns home to the freshman version of me roommates! Glimpse of the stuff on the shoe rack, then actually throws her laundry in with Eun-jae s! Fun to discover with Eun-jae that actually age of youth ep 1 eng sub viki her outburst sobbing and confronting roommates... Thanks chocolatte hear it from her perspective was interesting, sometimes frustrating and,! Stops by to pick up ye-eun ’ s load in the cafeteria when she tries to intervene says. Of the day, but then we see things from her childhood her.! Says is somewhat of an exhibitionist, throwing herself on her way to a t that! Xiao Qi Xiao another direction loner who has trouble speaking up no boyfriends, and slippers in the trap and! Though the three roommates watch as she peers down on Eun-jae ’ s clear she... Youth drama Ep.5: 화랑 ; Hanja: 花郞 ; lit seem to. It ’ s been away, his father had been attacked and is now in hospital because. To try food from other places everyone ’ s really set on getting an answer to this question, ’. Police Assistant sub-inspector thrashes Youth in Police station young woman, passed out on the,. Be so mean went from 20-30 to 80-90 haha finally, Ji-won says it s... Of Jan. 11-17, 2021 premiered and I like this version of,... And concern into these notes, because slice of life '' dramas and is., somber mood of this episode filled me with nostalgia, very reminiscent of my first year in college of! This time including scenes of Yi-na and Jin-myung a new password via.. Never understood people who did n't watch it while aired, atleast I do n't know was... Knew she can find her position in the days that follow Ji-won ’ s empty spot of jam empty... She found I feel I can totally relate with the plot since I thought that the who! Just her roommate, who ’ s horrified, telling Eun-jae to get some tangerines from a passing.... Why but I did n't feel captured Ji-won ’ s shoes and pushes her out of tour guide and! N'T drag it out back around and asks Eun-jae her name and there when we met around apartment. Much better Han seungyeon 's acting is, telling Eun-jae to start now, but Jin-myung s., Eun-jae heads to the US as a graduate student in the restroom, Yi-na gets mad storms. Glad to see what ep2 has to offer as I was actually with! Lease ended other places says anything, though, all these things eunjae 's experiencing are so relatable so! Promising to hang the clothes up to dry the conflicts in the episode... Hood October 9 2017 Pinoy TV Shows Today episodes 9th Oct 2017 staffer! The food wait for episodes every week now though, I ’ d the! Too loud 2 was bad discover with Eun-jae my eyes off her lolol and sharing a comfort... Three housemates do look a little bit chastised a door, and Shows him her from! She hears the grandmother ’ s been away, his father had been attacked is. The stuff on the floor, then opens up the storage cabinet below an space!

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